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Learning More About The Manchester Downtown Hotel

Manchester Hotel Lobby

The Manchester Downtown Hotel offers one of the best in class amenities for guests in Downtown Manchester, and takes great pride in being selected for the biggest events in the area yearly.

From large expos to conferences involving hundreds or thousands of seats, the Manchester Downtown Hotel is definitely a firebrand of a hotel that you shouldn’t miss if you are coming to town. The benefits of staying at the Manchester Downtown Hotel are simply the best:

1. Stay connected with the hotel’s high speed Wi-Fi for guests. No muss an fuss – connect all your devices and use them for business or pleasure with no problems with connectivity at all.

2. The large indoor pool will allow you to swim a few laps and just relax any time of the day, but most especially after business engagements throughout the day.

The Manchester Downtown Hotel knows how business can be taxing on the body and mind, which is why despite its seemingly regal air, it is actually one of the best hotels around for putting personal touches to the guest’s stay at the hotel.

3. There is a 24 hour fitness center where you can run, lift weights, and use different weight machines. Being away on business does not mean you have to stop your exercise routine. Health and wellness are just as important as business, so visit the fitness center if you feel like it.

4. The accommodations are spacious and clean, with just the right number of furniture and the best beds and mattresses for comfortable sleep. The rooms at the Manchester Downtown Hotel are ergonomic, modern, and truly meant for peaceful respite from the hectic day. Let your room be your own private sanctuary away from home.

5. The Manchester Downtown Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel, and you can bring your pet if you have to. Our staff will tell you all about your pet’s stay at the hotel, as well as any restrictions that may apply.

6. The Spa Within is an exclusive spa service where you can get massages, facial, foot spas, and other services right inside the hotel.

The Spa Within also specializes in taking care of the cosmetic services required by the bride during a wedding, so if you are thinking of holding a wedding reception here, we can take care of hair and make-up, too. But if not, you can always drop by and allow us to remove all that physical and mental stress with our top notch spa services.

7. The Manchester Downtown Hotel also offers massive spaces for a variety of event types, from expos to meetings. Whatever your event may be for, the hotel can accommodate and adjust. Simply call us to consult with the event and we will give you timely feedback on fees and availability.

8. There is an in-house restaurant with champion dishes that you will love. If hotel food doesn’t get good reviews, you can rest easy when you stay with us since we have a five-star kitchen staff that knows how to tickle guests’ palates.

Check out our Special Offers page and book your stay today! We look forward to you staying with us.

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