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Relax & Recharge At The Spa Within Located Inside The Manchester Downtown Hotel

Spa Within - Manchester Downtown Hotel

The Manchester Downtown Hotel is an iconic hotel at the heart of Downtown Manchester, and is the preferred hotel of business folk as well as other guests who are in the area to relax and unwind. In addition to the great guest amenities and accommodations, one other spot to visit inside the hotel itself is The Spa Within. The Spa Within is a complete, fully-equipped spa featuring a beautiful, sun-drenched atrium and the best spa services any tired traveler could want while he/she is relaxing in a hotel that he/she deserves.

The Spa Within is also a crowd favorite for bridal parties. It offers nail art, hairdressing, makeup and so much more. Make your bridal party a blast and let The Spa Within take care of all the details. Services at The Spa Within include manicures and pedicures, as well as special packages like the Locke Family Deluxe Pedicure, which includes a whirlpool foot bath with bubbles, while relaxing in one of our massage chairs. In just one hour, you will be relaxed completely – guaranteed. You can also get breakfast, lunch, and dinner from our restaurant and you can enjoy it in The Spa Within’s sunny atrium.

We also offer body and facial hair removal, plus facial therapies. The Dermaplan Facial package is ideal for people who have excess vellum hair or are preparing for chemical peels and laser treatments. The facial itself will allow the natural glow of your facial skin to shine through. Additionally, it will improve the effectiveness of any topical treatments that you may be planning on applying afterward. Our facial therapies are highly specialized and are lovingly carried out by professional estheticians, who will be examining the condition of the client’s skin before creating a custom treatment that suits the skin’s state. One example of a really thorough process would be the Heated Deep Pore Cleansing, where the pores will be exposed to an increase in temperature to open them up before dirt is channeled out. A heat mask will be applied to the face, physical extractions will be done, and a finishing, skin relaxing mask will be applied toward the end of the treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage is amazing, because it combines not just skin care but overall body wellness. This treatment helps drain clogged sinuses, before the skin is cleansed and manual extractions are carried out. The neck, face and associated areas will also be massaged to aid in the detoxification process, which is the most important phase of the treatment. A finishing moisturizing cream will be applied afterward.

And finally, we have the Back Facial. The Back Facial is highly recommended for folks who like or need to wear low-back attire, and is especially suitable for folks who want to hit the beach soon. Back skin will be cleansed thoroughly, manual extractions will be carried out and you will end up with an extremely vibrant and smooth back afterward. That healthy glow you’ve been dreaming of is just a treatment away at The Spa Within.

Book your room at the Manchester Downtown Hotel today and experience the wondrous benefits of the most complete spa anywhere in the city – The Spa Within.

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